Vervet Forest Vervet Monkey Foundation - An introduction to the development and establishment of the Vervet Forest campaign.
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Vervet Forest overview
Orphaned, injured and abused vervet monkeys are rehabilitated into a healthy releasable troop...
Troops are introduced, integrated and released into the protected Vervet Forest project area...
Both people and monkey work together, continuing to protect, reclaim and restore habitat for future generations.
Vervet Forest tree planting
Plan to establish Vervet Forest
About Vervet Forest campaign
The Vervet Monkey Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1993 dedicated to protecting and promoting the welfare of the vervet monkey on all levels. We provide sanctuary for orphaned, injured and abused vervet monkeys, rehabilitating individuals into viable troops for release and introduction back into their natural environment.
More info Vervet Forest campaign
Our exciting “ Vervet Forest ” campaign will protect, reclaim and restore degraded or damaged habitat through the acquisition of land for the release of rehabilitated vervet monkey troops.

By creating a pioneering rehabilitation model to incorporate the vervet monkey’s proficiency as a seed dispersal expert, the monkeys will germinate and work in harmony with over 30 indigenous tree species in South Africa.

Through supporting nature’s natural process of vegetation creation, both people and monkey will work together to reclaim, transform and protect degraded habitat, restoring it back into a healthy state able to support a multitude of wildlife.
Vervet Forest rehabilitation process
In this ecologically-driven way, nurseries can be established in each vervet forest in order to cultivate and propagate plants for introduction into other degraded areas. This will provide an opportunity to educate and inform people about the importance of living with and utilising the indigenous vervet monkey as a way of keeping natural areas healthy.

The campaign will also give similar organisations and communities a chance to work together to promote and ensure South Africa’s environmental integrity and conservation.

For extra information regarding the Vervet Forest campaign, please contact:

Alasdair Davies, Campaign Developer
Vervet Monkey Foundation, PO BOX 415, Tzaneen 0850,
Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Tel: +27 015 304 3266 Email: